Pure copper water bottles.
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Elegant and healthy by design – that’s CopperVedics

Is Copper The Healthiest Choice For Water Bottles? Learn More

copper [ˈkä-pər] noun

A malleable metallic element with reddish-golden color


ayurvedics [ī-ər-ˈvā-diks] noun

A system of holistic natural medicine native to India



 [ˈkä-pər-ˈvā-diks] noun

Pure copper water bottles inspired by ayurveda, modernized with leakproof caps and conscious design





Copper, Magical Copper

Learn about copper’s amazing properties and why they matter.

Why CopperVedics?

Not all copper bottles are created equal. That’s why we’ve created the best copper bottle on the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions? You’ll find the answers here.

CopperVedics bottles are water bottles made with pure copper, and only copper. There are no other metals, no lining, no plastic lids or mystery materials, even in the bottle caps. Just good old-fashioned copper polished to a beautiful shine.

Each and every CopperVedics bottle is made from copper that is refined to a purity of greater than 99.9%. The bottles are formed from single sheets of copper which are shaped into elegant vessels with no joints or seams. The caps are also formed pure copper with a small silicone ring sitting between the bottle and the cap to ensure no unwanted leaks or spills.

CopperVedics bottles are naturally clean and self-sterilizing. They keep your water tasting good – seriously good. And they deposit trace copper into your drinking water. Not to mention, they are also (dare we say) quite beautiful.

We’re passionate about sharing the many reasons why we think copper is the best material available when choosing a water bottle and we have worked hard to create a product that is both practical for your health and agreeable with your conscious lifestyle.

The only non-copper piece in a CopperVedics bottle is the small ring that keeps your CopperVedics bottle leakproof, and we use FDA Compliant food-grade silicone seals for that.


Pure copper naturally alkalizes your water and deposits trace copper, a mineral needed for countless vital processes.


CopperVedics bottles shine with the distinct glow of 100% copper, complimented by one of several printed designs, and age gracefully into a beautiful copper patina.


CopperVedics bottles are molded from a single sheet of copper – no seams or joints – with a guaranteed leakproof cap.


Well maintained copper lasts for generations and your CopperVedics bottle may be the last water bottle you ever own.


We’re happy to offer CopperVedics bottles in 100% copper, with or without thoughtful decoration, at a price that won’t break the bank.


CopperVedics bottles are pieces of functional art. They’re conversation starters. They are not your average water bottle.


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