copper [ˈkä-pər] noun

A malleable metallic element with reddish-golden color

ayurvedics [ī-ər-ˈvā-diks] noun

A system of holistic natural medicine native to India


 [ˈkä-pər-ˈvā-diks] noun

Pure copper water bottles inspired by ayurveda, modernized with leakproof caps and conscious design

CopperVedics bottles are water bottles made with pure copper – and only copper. No other metals, no alloys, lining, plastic lids or mystery materials, even in the bottle caps. Just good old-fashioned copper polished to a beautiful shine.

Each and every bottle is formed from a single sheet of copper which is shaped into an elegant vessel with no joints or seams. The caps are also formed from pure copper with a small American manufactured, FDA-compliant, food-grade silicone ring that sits between the bottle and the cap to ensure no unwanted leaks or spills.

CopperVedics bottles are naturally clean and self-sterilizing. They keep your water tasting good – seriously good. And they deposit trace copper into your drinking water – copper that your body can actually use. Not to mention, they are also (dare we say) quite beautiful.

We think that copper is the best material available when choosing a water bottle and we have worked hard to create a product that is both practical for your health and agreeable with your conscious lifestyle.

CopperVedics Bottles Are:


Pure copper naturally alkalizes your water and deposits trace copper, a mineral needed for countless vital processes.


CopperVedics bottles shine with the distinct glow of 100% copper, complimented by one of several printed designs, and age gracefully into a beautiful copper patina.


CopperVedics bottles are molded from a single sheet of copper – no seams or joints – with a leakproof cap made entirely of copper and a food-grade silicone seal.


Well maintained copper lasts for generations and your CopperVedics bottle may be the last water bottle you ever own.


We’re happy to offer CopperVedics bottles in 100% copper, with or without thoughtful decoration, at a price that won’t break the bank.


CopperVedics bottles are pieces of functional art. They’re conversation starters. They are not your average water bottle.

Copper, Water & Health

Copper is naturally antibacterial and a vital part of human health. Learn about copper’s amazing properties and why they matter.

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Why CopperVedics?

CopperVedics bottles are crafted to a natural balance of form and function. We think you’ll love yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about using or caring for your bottle, or other questions about CopperVedics? You’ll find the answers here.

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CopperVedics – The Way of the Copper Water Bottle

CopperVedics is a modern adaptation of an ancient practice: storing drinking water in copper vessels. Ancient civilizations used copper to store drinking water and the practice lives on today with the addition of modern manufacturing and aesthetic design principles.

In The Old Days…

Copper was the first metal extracted from the earth by ancient civilizations, approximately 8,000 years ago. It was also the first metal to be refined into a high level of purity, about 5,000 years ago. It’s been an important part of peoples’ lives for longer than any other metal. And this includes the storage of drinking water: long before steel and aluminum, copper was the metal of choice to create containers that held drinking water. But why? Copper is a soft metal, easy to work with, and it is plentiful in the earth…is convenience the only reason it has been the metal of choice for centuries when creating water storage containers? The answer: there are a few important properties of copper that might just make it the best material on earth for holding water.

Is Copper Really Naturally Self-Sterilizing?

Yes! It’s not magic, just simple science. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses have a strong allergic reaction to copper – so strong that in most cases they are completely destroyed after a short exposure to a copper surface. Copper shares this property with a select few metals, including silver (steel and aluminum do not have this property). Learn more about the science in our article Copper, Water, Drinking Vessels, and Health as well as our compilation of reports and research studies on this topic.

Copper’s Magical Aging Process

One of copper’s best-known features is its unique process of aging – rather than rusting or chipping, copper develops a multi-colored “patina”, a surface discoloration that actually serves to protect the copper from further aging. For this reason, copper objects can last for hundreds and even thousands of years without any serious amount of damage or change to their original size and shape, unlike many other metals which break down quickly with exposure to the environment.

Dietary Copper – The Body’s Biggest Unsung Hero

Copper is an amazing mineral with too many important roles in human health to catalog. It is required for your immune system to function. It helps you think, process information from your senses, recover from injuries, burn fat, and so much more. And it’s present in every single cell of your body. Water stored in a copper vessel naturally picks up trace amounts of copper which your body can use – it’s only a small portion of your dietary copper requirements, but every little bit helps, especially because a large percentage of people are copper-deficient. Unlike copper that you might receive in a multi-vitamin, trace copper found in water is bioavailable copper that your body can actually use. Using a copper container like a CopperVedics bottle is the easiest and most effective way to supplement your diet with trace dietary copper. Just use your bottle!

In Modern Times…

Copper containers have come a long way, from hand-hammered vases and pots to polished cookware, utensils and leakproof travel-friendly bottles. Improvements in manufacturing and design have created new possibilities for copper products. In essence, copper’s healthy properties that holistic health systems like Ayurveda have taken advantage of for centuries are still alive and well today. When combined with current-day form and function, the results can be remarkable. CopperVedics is our unique take on this evolution: ancient principles applied to modern times.

Our bottles are made from single sheets of copper, which means there are no joints or seams which can leak over time.

We use leak-proof seals manufactured in the USA which are made from FDA-compliant food-grade silicone so your water stays on the side of the bottle where it belongs and will never leak for as long as you own your bottle – guaranteed.

And we decorate some of our bottles with meaningful artwork that resonates with your lifestyle, and leave others plain and pure to let the natural beauty of polished copper speak for itself.

We think you’ll love your copper bottle. It might just be the last water bottle you buy!


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